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"Mark has been most instrumental in the healing of my neck injury two years ago. He has helped educate me like no other therapist has, and has been patient and sensitive even when I'm not during the healing process"

                                                                                           Barbara .  Palm Harbor, FL.

"Since Mark has been working with me after my car accident, the range of motion in my shoulder and neck have been restored. I am now back at the gym on a regular basis and feeling good"

                                                                                                Joseph. Clearwater, FL.

"We have received massages in Peru, Japan, Switzerland, Canada, Zambia, on cruise ships, and in many states in the U.S. for over 35 years. Mark's is the most thorough, neuro-muscular/deep tissue massage we have received anywhere."

                                                                                        Cathy. Island Estates, FL..

"Mark is my favorite massage therapist...he is the definition of  healing hands"

                                                                                                    Rebecca. Largo, FL.

"I have been suffering with pain for several years now, and have only begun to feel good again since Mark began working with me. I always thought of massages as a luxury, but have come to realize how therapeutic they are for anyone with pain or just stress related muscle problems."

                                                                                                          Mary. Belleair, FL.

 "There is nothing like the real thing. My sessions with Mark bring my pain and stress levels way down, and my energy levels way up"

                                                                              Kim. (Santuary Dri- Aqua Massage)

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